Single sign-on


What are the benefits?

Every organization need to use multiple software platforms in order to perform day-to-day tasks. The best user experience is when user doesn’t need to login to multiple platforms nor retype the same data multiple times.

The first problem might be solved with SSO (Single sign-on) and the second one with API data exchange. Single sign-on is also very useful for organization to manage employee access to company resources. It is much simpler to grant and revoke access in one central point, rather than doing it individually for each application.

We have run the poll among Leon Software customers to see what kind of SSO they use. The results are as follow:

singlepoll results www

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How to implement?

We suggest implementing multiple IDP (Identity Providers) in the order of popularity among your customers. The most popular IDP according to our poll is Microsoft 365.

You can check the following: