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Aviabees is a group of cloud-based aviation software companies delivering technology standards of tomorrow, today.

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This group has been created for three reasons

API Communication standard

API Communication standard

API Communication standard

Aviation software market is a large environment of various systems, which typically need to talk to each other. Aviation companies often need to use several of such systems to cover all their needs. Information needs to be exchanged between those applications and each software vendor develops connections with other software products.

Development of such connectivity is a time consuming process and often requires to approach the same class of problems many times, as there is no standardization.

This group is to propose, discuss and monitor the implementation of various technical solutions, which are beneficial to the most possible Aviabees members.


Market overview

Market overview

Market overview

There are lots of specialized software tools available on the market, each filling a specific niche. This ecosystem of software vendors is constantly changing, new players appear on the market, while others expand their products.

For both aircraft operators and software suppliers, it is important to understand what this landscape looks like and make their decisions based on that.

As an Aviabees member, you can list your company here and take part in the industry standards implementation. As a customer, you can use this group as the source of information about different tools available on the market.





In order to successfully achieve goals from point number 1, Aviabees members need to discuss ideas, both on a strategic and technological level.

Doing both of those, accelerates networking on a practical level


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